Shutdown or not, our faith shouldn’t be in government

Does anyone else notice the irony that on the same day the Federal government shuts down, the Maine sales tax increased because of a deal reached this summer to prevent a similar shutdown at the state level? It seems we either have to keep paying more for government services, or shut them down all together.

But the problem is, governments at all levels have run out of ways to “raise money” because there are less and less people from which to collect it. So the question must be asked – who pays?

Most often, it ends up being the middle class. Typically people that don’t need — or don’t qualify for — the programs the government is attempting to enact.

Then comes the political blame game that never ends.

Concerning the current government shutdown, one side wants to continue to raise the debt ceiling and borrow against future generations in order to pay for yet another albatross of an unfunded government mandate, and the other side wants to trim it down to at least try and stop the bleeding.

Then each side’s political flag bearers take their marching orders directly to social media, and the spread of misinformation results in nothing but one big crap-fest on Facebook.


Thankfully, I wake up every morning with faith in the God that is bigger than any problem in government. And yes, I’m fortunate to have a private sector job. I truly feel for people who feed their family with so-called “non-essential” government jobs — the ones that truly work hard for an honest wage, at least.

But back to my point at hand. As the money runs out at the government level, what will we do when programs and services have to end, or other ones never get implemented?

My prayer each day is for people to put more faith in God, then they do in government programs. I want Americans to meet Jesus, and be able live self-sufficiently in order to serve others more than they serve themselves. I strive for this attitude in my life as well, and like everyone, continue to fall short.

The government typically doesn’t enter my prayers, but when it does I pray that our country would simply find a way to rely less on it.

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After getting wound up about politics for years I now rest in the knowledge that our government leaders are not eternal, nor are the programs they wish to enact. I take heart that elections come often enough to “throw the bums out” when we’ve had enough.

The news media gets paid to cover the story, stir the pot, get people wound up — and I get that. But if it takes shutting down the government to get people’s attention and realize we may not need everything it has to offer, then I think we’re better off in the long run.

It’s time we put faith in what really matters.