Maine ACLU bullies Biddeford over school assembly deemed ‘too religious’ (VIDEO)

Debbie Phillips speaking at a Biddeford School assembly

Last week the Maine ACLU threatened legal action against Biddeford Schools because of a school assembly that one parent deemed “too religious” for their taste. The ACLU said Biddeford could avoid the law suite if they apologized for allowing it — which the school department quickly did — much to the dismay of the Maine Christian Civic League.

I can’t say I’m surprised at how the events unfolded. I don’t expect our public schools to be able to safeguard our children from bullying, peer-pressure, intolerance, and sexual promiscuity when they are subject to appeasing organizations such as the ACLU — whose demands are so “bullish” and intolerant.

If an idea or point-of-view doesn’t fit the world view of the ACLU, then it seems they’ll do everything in their power to strong-arm that view into silence. This agenda is what should concern every parent, not what took place at the school assembly.

While the other news outlets give more detail as to the content of the school assembly in question, I’ll summarize here.

The speaker under fire for her comments is Debbie Phillips, the aunt of Rachel Scott, a student killed in the 1999 Columbine shootings in Colorado. Phillips says that Rachel was killed “for her belief in God”, and she references this fact to tell students that no one should be killed for what they believe.

While she is open in telling students about her personal beliefs, at no time during the assembly did she “proselytize” the students as the ACLU claims. Proselytize — by definition — is when you attempt to convert people to the Christian faith. This did not occur during the assembly.

Here is an excerpt from the school assembly where Ms. Phillips is clearly empowering students to believe in whatever they want:

“You should celebrate the fact that you live in a nation that let’s you choose what you want to believe in…”
– Debbie Phillips to Biddeford students

Apparently, one student had a problem with this message of empowerment, and they knew their parents would be willing to carry the banner of cowardice to the Maine ACLU.

Again, the decision by Biddeford schools to sweep this incident under the rug by simply apologizing and moving on doesn’t surprise me. The taxpayers of that school district shouldn’t have to foot the bill to fight a legal battle against the Maine ACLU — an organization that has unlimited legal resources at their disposal.

Tolerating intolerance is the path of least resistance, and that’s the path the school district chose in this case. But I encourage all parents to learn from this incident, and take an active role in knowing exactly what agenda is allowed at their children’s school, and which one is silenced — all in the name of so-called “civil liberty”.