A new baby, a new direction for ‘Counter Culture’, and a desire for simplicity

Life changes

My boys

My boys

My second son was born last week. What a wonderful blessing. However, with such a life change comes a time to re-evaluate priorities and goals. So often we get caught up in the day-to-day that we forget what direction we’re even going in life.

It is because of this reflective attitude that I’ve decided to change directions in what I write about here on Counter Culture. I’ve already updated the header graphic and the About page, so you probably have an idea of the direction I will be going.

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Offering Something Better

No longer specifically (or dogmatically) Christian with every article, the writings will be more general in nature with each selected topic. However, since I continue to be a professing Christian and disciple of Jesus Christ, my worldview continues to be God-honoring and Christ-centered — that’s not changing.

What is changing is my focus.  Being “counter culture” isn’t as clear-cut as being Christian or not. In fact, many self-professing Christians are as caught up in the burdens, worries, and materialistic drive of this life as much as any group of people. Counter Culture means simply to offer something better than what Pop Culture attempts to force-feed into our lives. With this blog, I will attempt to do that.


A reflective moment: Viewing the sunrise over the frozen Penobscot River from our EMMC hospital window – Bangor, ME

Part-Time Minimalism

It’s about simplicity, and seeking minimalism — as much as that’s possible when you consider the “must have it all” psyche that dominates our culture and country today. Therefore, moving forward with Counter Culture I plan to write about keeping life simple, because there’s nothing more counter to culture than that!

I’ll be honest. What you’ll get from me is a “part-time minimalism.” I’m not going to give up all my possessions and live in a van down by the river anytime soon.

But a simple Google search of minimalism tells me I’m not alone. For most, it’s not about giving up everything.

In the article linked here, we read that:

…for most minimalists, the idea is simply a gradual shift toward eliminating the unnecessary “stuff” that clutters the mind and controls life.

I’m on board with that. Are you?