Considering Abortion? Consider your ‘First Step’…

— By Guest Contributor Sarah Prill —

How often do you hear the phrase “my body, my choice”? Indeed it is. Abortion is legal in this country. But how often do you see the choices clearly laid out, and the consequences of either choice presented plainly. So many young women are left feeling alone, hopeless, judged; and as though they have no choice.

Regardless of your circumstances, there are choices if you are considering an abortion. And not only could the life of an unborn child be saved, but your life could be saved and spared traumatic heartbreak, too.

While Planned Parenthood has been in the news a lot as of late, and is often cited as the agency for women to seek assistance when considering abortion, the Bangor area is blessed to offer an alternative- First Step Pregnancy Resource Center. This alternative receives no government funding and exists solely from private donations, and all the services they offer are FREE.

first stepFirst Step’s priority is to come alongside women looking for help and answers when they believe abortion is their only option. A pregnancy test is offered for women needing one. The risks of abortion and “the morning after pill” are openly discussed as opposed to being glossed over. Women are cared for by loving counselors and parental training is offered. Men (the expecting father) are also encouraged to take part and receive training and answers to their questions. Encouragement from peer support groups is available, and medical referrals are offered as needed. And most importantly, First Step works hand-in-hand with available adoption agencies in our area and offers referrals to their services.

While ultimately a woman’s choice to abort her baby is her own, and First Step cannot prevent a woman from doing so, they do not perform or refer for abortion procedures. They promote the choice of life in a professional, caring and loving manner.

Finally, for women or couples experiencing pain, sadness, or guilt from past abortions, First Step offers confidential, compassionate abortion recovery counseling.

In a time when more Americans now profess to be pro-life than those that say they are pro-choice, an agency like First Step should be front-and-center in our hearts and minds. Furthermore, for those that say they are “personally pro-life” but still believe in a woman’s “right to choose”, let us not forget this is exactly what First Step offers- a CHOICE. Life for an unborn child is the choice that is all too often ignored by agencies that serve women seeking an abortion.

Need pregnancy advice/assistance or just want to know how you can help? Contact First Step Pregnancy Resource Center.  You can also keep in touch by “liking” their Facebook page.

Sarah, a self-employed hair stylist, co-owns a salon in Bangor, and lives in Winterport with her husband Aaron and 5-month old son Max.