Raised from the Dead! Christianity’s unique truth

The trump card

Easter, the common name for the holiday marking Jesus Christ’s return from the dead, represents Christianity’s trump card- the unique claim to eternal life. All other world religions have had human founders that lived, then died. Their lives may have had meaning but ultimately their death meant nothing. In Christianity, Jesus Christ’s death meant EVERYTHING. It meant everything because by first-person historical accounts it was a death that lasted only a few days.

No other world religion has first-person historical accounts of their leader coming back to life. Why? For one simple reason- they all died and stayed dead and their bodies remain in the ground today. Jesus, on the other hand, left the tomb in which he was buried- and continues to live eternally today. This historical occurrence is what Easter Sunday, otherwise known as Resurrection Sunday, commemorates- not bunnies, baskets, or egg hunts.

Jesus’ empty tomb.

Exclusive yet Inclusive

To affirm the claims of Jesus is not to be taken lightly. Belief in His death and return to life is a game-changer for our lives. His Holy Spirit renews us as we live out our time on earth, and after death we get new bodies to live eternally with Him.

While Christianity makes this exclusive claim to eternal life available solely through belief in these historical accounts of Jesus Christ, it’s offer is inclusive- available to all who choose to believe it. That’s it. Start with faith and the rest takes care of itself.

Do you want to believe but still doubt?

Need help with the “faith” part? Do you doubt the historical account of Jesus returning from the dead after he was hung from a cross to die? That’s ok. It is normal to doubt. The folks over at Gospel Centered Discipleship have written a great free eBook called “Raised? Doubting the Resurrection” to help people who struggle to believe in the risen Jesus.

Find a local church this Easter Sunday that preaches this message of the risen Jesus Christ. If you need help finding one, contact me and i will help you. If you are already a Christian and regularly attend a church, invite people to church AND offer to bring them. For your more skeptical friends, have a copy of “Raised?” ready to answer their concerns and doubts.