National ‘Back to Church Sunday’ 2013

Any week can be the week you go back to church. However, this Sunday, September 15th is the “official” day for regular attendees to invite someone “back to church”, and for people searching for a church home to make this the week they finally check out that local church they’ve been meaning to swing by.

Here’s a couple videos we showed at my church this past Sunday. The first one really strikes a cord with me, and the second one will probably give you an unexpected chuckle.

Video 1 (Reasons)

Video 2 (Appearances)

In the year or so I’ve had this blog I have purposely not mentioned the church I attend in order to make it clear the views I express here are my own. But I’ll use “author’s privilege” this time and say if you’re looking for an option, I’d encourage you to stop in at The Rock Church on outer Ohio Street in Bangor. We have a casual atmosphere, contemporary music, a Christ-centered message, and a desire to serve our city. While my church family may not necessarily be a good fit for everyone, without a doubt there is another church with the size and style that is perfect for you somewhere in our region.

We are fortunate in the Greater Bangor area to have so many good choices. While statistics show Maine as one of the “least churched” states, our city doesn’t lack options, regardless of what style, denomination, or tradition you desire.

Just click here to Google Bangor, Maine churches. By the way, The Rock ranks at or near the top thanks to a little SEO knowledge from yours truly (shameless plug, I know).

Need further encouragement to check out a church this Sunday? Here’s a couple previous articles I’ve written on the subject:

Google cities in Greater Bangor:

Or use the official search tool to find participating churches in your area.