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Shutdown or not, our faith shouldn’t be in government

Does anyone else notice the irony that on the same day the Federal government shuts down, the Maine sales tax increased because of a deal reached this summer to prevent a similar shutdown at the state level? It seems we either have to keep paying more for government services, or shut them down all together.

But the problem is, governments at all levels have run out of ways to “raise money” because there are less and less people from which to collect it. So the question must be asked – who pays?

Most often, it ends up being the middle class

Must Christians only support Social Conservatives? Why or why not?

I simply hope to start a dialog with this post. Please comment with your thoughts. The question is simple: Must Christians only support Social Conservatives? Why or why not?

This question comes to mind because I recently created a Facebook page to encourage someone to run for Congress from Maine’s 2nd district. He is a qualified businessman, community leader, and former City Councilor and Mayor. I have thrown my early support and encouragement behind this candidate because I consider him a friend, and honestly feel he has the skill set to succeed and best represent Maine on the national stage.

However, within an hour of publishing this Facebook page I received a private Facebook message from the leader of a major Christian organization in Maine with the question: “Aaron, are you aware of this candidate’s positions on social issues?”