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Why I don’t watch ‘Game of Thrones’

Another season of ‘Game of Thrones’ has come and gone, and it seems to be as wildly popular as ever. From the comments in my social media feeds, it is clearly evident people from all values streams are unabashed fans of the show.

While I’m not going to spend time in this post ‘judging’ the people that do watch it, whether they are Christian or not, I will refer to an article from a Christian organization that does a good job illustrating why my wife and I steer clear of the show.

Must Christians only support Social Conservatives? Why or why not?

I simply hope to start a dialog with this post. Please comment with your thoughts. The question is simple: Must Christians only support Social Conservatives? Why or why not?

This question comes to mind because I recently created a Facebook page to encourage someone to run for Congress from Maine’s 2nd district. He is a qualified businessman, community leader, and former City Councilor and Mayor. I have thrown my early support and encouragement behind this candidate because I consider him a friend, and honestly feel he has the skill set to succeed and best represent Maine on the national stage.

However, within an hour of publishing this Facebook page I received a private Facebook message from the leader of a major Christian organization in Maine with the question: “Aaron, are you aware of this candidate’s positions on social issues?”

Moving beyond the marriage debate as Christians

It would be insincere to say I was surprised by the results of the same-sex marriage vote in Maine this time around. I uphold that as a supporter of traditional marriage, it was out of principle- not hate- to vote No on Question 1. But a majority of Mainers have spoken, and because we live in a democracy rather than a theocracy, we must begin to move beyond the debate over civil marriage as Christians.

While there are many places in Scripture that seem to exactly describe where our culture is today (Romans 1:24-32 is one New Testament example), the question that remains is what are we to do about it? One thing we should NOT do is just gloss over such warnings and ignore the Word of God at these uncomfortable points, or explain them away as not applying to our current situation. But correction and reproof from Scripture are for those inside the church, not those on the outside (see 1 Corinthians 5:12-13).

So what about the people “on the outside”?