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“Chris” Ashton Kutcher teaches Bible at 2013 Teen Choice Awards?

Chris Kutcher (aka, Ashton Kutcher) gave a speech at the 2013 Teen Choice Awards this past weekend that has gone viral. First, he somewhat jokingly called himself a fraud because his name really isn’t Ashton, but Chris. He then went on to share with the teen audience what he called “some really amazing things I learned when I was Chris.”

It caught my attention because of the wide range of news outlets praising its content. Everyone from Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck, to MTV and The Huffington Post are praising the speech.

While watching the video and reviewing the text of his speech, it struck me that much of what he was saying were Biblical principles. Many people have said he was quoting Steve Jobs as a way to promote the release of his new movie. Maybe so, but whether he knew it or not, his ideas are right out of Holy Scripture.