To be missional means to be on mission with God out in the world for the purpose of blessing others in His name, to share His story, and ultimately bring more people into His family. And since it’s hard to do this alone, “missional” is typically best done in community with others — safety in numbers if you will!

What do I mean by ‘Be the Church’? Watch This!


Blog Re-launch: ‘Counter Culture’ is now ‘Missional Mainer’

Welcome to the re-launch of this blog! Known as ‘Counter Culture’ since it’s inception in the fall of 2012, it has been on my heart for many months now to go a new direction with this blog. The original idea was to write from a faith-based perspective and offer view points counter to pop culture. However, I have… (read more)

Don’t be a Gospel Infomercial…

dont-be-gospel-infomercialAll too often sharing our faith as Christians — if we even do it all — becomes a script that we recite. We do our best to remember to list all the features of what Jesus did on The Cross, before attempting to close the deal of eternal life for just one easy payment of ‘accept Jesus into your heart’. (read more)

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