Let’s be God-centered with our New Year’s Resolutions instead of self-centered


With the new year comes an opportunity for a clean slate. While we must attempt to make things right with whomever we’ve wronged, as much as it depends on us, we ultimately must forgive others and move on. And this is Biblical – God says to ‘forget the former things; do not dwell in the past’ (Isa 43:18).

Therefore, we typically look to the new year to start fresh and to set new goals for ourselves. Maybe ‘turn over a new leaf’ in some area of our life. For us guys, typical goals include a desire to be a better man, husband, father, employee, be healthier and more fit — you name it.

However, we end up looking within ourselves to accomplish these resolutions, but often lack the resolve to follow through. 


Because most — if not all — of our resolutions are self-centered. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, of course, but that could be the very reason why we so often fail at them. Trusting in our own will power to accomplish anything becomes a losing battle. As an alternative, let’s try being God-centered in our resolutions. For the Christian, of course, that means we strive to be Christ-centered.

What does that mean?

Being God-centered simply means that when deciding on New Year’s resolutions we ask,

“What does God want to help me do?”

This could involve self-improvement, but instead of solely relying on our abilities to accomplish these goals, we must rely on our Creator to help us. It’s about submitting to the truth that there is something greater than ourselves in this vast universe, and that we didn’t end up here on earth by accident.

More importantly, though, being God-centered with our resolutions is about focusing on serving others instead of our own self interests. So we must also ask, “where is God working, and how can I be a part of it?”

God can use us in ways that will better other people’s lives in the year to come, and through serving others with the right intentions our lives will improve as a natural result.

So if you’re wondering where and how you can make a difference — ask Him.

Happy New Year everyone, and may God bless you with a life-changing 2014.