Must Christians only support Social Conservatives? Why or why not?

I simply hope to start a dialog with this post. Please comment with your thoughts. The question is simple- Must Christians only support Social Conservatives? Why or why not?

This question comes to mind because I recently created a Facebook page to encourage someone to run for Congress from Maine’s 2nd district. He is a qualified businessman, community leader, and former City Councilor and Mayor. I have thrown my early support and encouragement behind this candidate because I consider him a friend, and honestly feel he has the skill set to succeed and best represent Maine on the national stage.

However, within an hour of publishing this Facebook page I received a private Facebook message from the leader of a major Christian organization in Maine with the question: “Aaron, are you aware of this person’s positions on social issues?”

I was in fact aware that he was moderate on the social issues, but I don’t claim to know his exact stance on every nuance of those issues.

I am a born-again Christian. Personally, I am pro-life and support traditional marriage. If I was a candidate those would be my positions. However, I also recognize the limitation Christianity has in public policy. I firmly believe social change on these issues must take place with a change of people’s hearts and minds through the power of the Holy Spirit. My mind changed on the abortion question only after I received the guidance of the Holy Spirit in my late 20’s.

I have supported both pro-life and pro-choice candidates in the past. Moreover, what disappoints me most is when candidates pander for the pro-life vote, and do absolutely nothing to protect the unborn once they are elected. The marriage debate is a much more complicated issue, and I refuse to make candidates I may consider supporting pass a simple litmus test on that one issue either.

But that’s just my view. I want to hear your take. I really am interested in feedback from readers, specifically from those who claim Christ as Lord and Savior, and are actively practicing their Christian faith.

I ask that commenters don’t debate the issues specifically, but rather the larger question of whether a Christian should (or should not) only support socially conservatives, and why.

And perhaps the larger question is this: How much should Christian leaders attempt to influence public policy? More specifically, in Jesus’ command to serve people and proclaim the power of His life changing Gospel, and the Apostle Paul’s edict to be ambassadors of Christ, can this only be accomplished  through supporting candidates who claim to be socially conservative?

[Can of worms opened]