Casting Crowns, Kutless, The Wrecking coming to Bangor

Casting Crowns

On Saturday, September 14th Casting Crowns, a Christian fan favorite and well known within the contemporary church community, is headlining the 2nd Annual “SoulQuest” on the Bangor waterfront. It’s 2009-2011 “Until The Whole World Hears” world tour (with title track by the same name) placed the band in front of 1 million fans in more than 175 cities around the world. Now out promoting their current album released in 2012 “Come to the Well“, the Atlanta-based group continues to deliver passionate, thought-provoking music such as album favorite “Jesus, Friend of Sinners“, the catchy yet reflective “Spirit Wind“, and title track “The Well“.

Joining Casting Crowns on the Bangor waterfront will be Kutless, and local fan-favorite – hailing from Portland, Maine – The Wrecking.


Kutless, a well-established and popular band, released their first album back in 2002. Their seventh and current album, “Believer” was released in 2012. Known for such hits as “Strong Tower” and “Take Me In” (2005 – Strong Tower), “What Faith Can Do” (2009 – It Is Well) and “Even If” (2012 – Believer), this band will be sure to bring passion and excitement to the Bangor waterfront event.

Finally, The Wrecking from Portland, Maine will kick things off with a flair having enjoyed significant cross-over appeal since their debut album “A New Abolition” was released in 2008. The band’s 2nd album “So Much for Love” was released in August 2012 and has charted on numerous charts from various genres. With hits such as “You Remain” (2008 – A New Abolition) and “View from the Top” (2012 – So Much for Love) these guys will be a very worthy opening band.

The Wrecking

When drummer Darren Elder was asked by the Portland Press Herald if the band plays “strictly Christian venues”, he replied:

We play all sorts of venues clubs, churches, festivals. Our mindset is that if our show is compelling, it should translate to whoever will listen, even if we don’t share the same exact worldview.

I couldn’t agree more with that attitude. Too often when bands carry the label “Christian” they get stereotyped by the general listening public, and their music fails to penetrate the proverbial walls of the Christian community. Not so for The Wrecking, and I want to see more bands follow their lead in taking a Christ-centered message into places it isn’t generally heard.

Get Tickets

I would encourage everyone to grab a ticket to this show on Saturday, September 14th and come with an open heart and mind. And yes, the music will be family friendly, but it will also likely challenge and encourage you.

Doors open at 5:00pm. Unlike last year, this event is not an all-day festival so re-entry will not be allowed. Come out and support these bands so that The Waterfront Concert Series continues to have shows like this in the years to come.