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Kutcher vs Jones on ‘Two and a Half Men’ Filth comments

Late last month Angus T. Jones, the child star who plays the character “Jake” on the CBS “hit” show “Two and a Half Men”, became embroiled in a controversy when a YouTube video of him calling the show “filth” went viral. A large part of the attraction of this story is that these comments are a direct result of Jones’ recent conversion to the Christian faith. Despite this story’s convergence with two of this blog’s topics- entertainment and Christianity- I have initially refrained from writing about it.

The show’s co-star Ashton Kutcher has now weighed in, saying he wants Jones fired immediately, and calling him a “spoiled brat”- a rather ironic epithet coming from Kutcher for sure. As more time has passed to let the story play out, and in light of this recent criticism from Kutcher being made public, I feel the desire to opine why Jones’ comments were unavoidable given his recent life change.

What does ‘Jesus changed my life’ even mean?

As I looked over the layout and relatively empty shell of this new blog, I found myself reading the “About the Author” section. I began to impersonate the perspective of a curious web visitor wondering what bias I would have to endure to read some guy’s religious-dogma-influenced opinion on today’s current events. The cynic’s words rang in my head: “So he was a lifelong agnostic and then Jesus ‘radically’ changed his life? Here we go again, some born-again upstart thinking he has answers to all of life’s problems.”

First, having not grown up in church I neither affirmed nor denied existence of a “higher power” and actually leaned in the direction that one likely existed. However, since I never cracked open a Bible it would be a stretch to say I understood this higher power as the Christian God of the Bible.