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UMaine student groups team up for February 27th Day of Prayer with ‘missional’ focus

UMaine chapters of the InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Navigators, and Campus Crusade for Christ (Cru) are teaming up to provide prayer and worship opportunities for students during the 2014 Collegiate Day of Prayer.

Everyone — community members and students — are invited to attend and participate.

40 Days for Life underway in Bangor; Maine abortion rates down

On September 25th the ’40 days for Life’ prayer vigil kicked off in Bangor and will run until November 3rd. As a peaceful national campaign, ’40 Days for Life’ participants pray and fast near abortion clinics with the goal that visitors may see them and think twice about their decision, and ultimately choose life for their unborn baby. Perhaps more importantly, those praying simply believe God will use their prayers to change hearts and minds concerning this issue.

In Bangor, those wishing to participate gather at the entrance to Evergreen Woods at 700 Mt. Hope avenue (across from the Bangor Humane Society) anytime between 7AM and 7PM. Evergreen Woods is home to the Mabel Wadsworth Center where abortion procedures take place regularly.

The Resolution that makes all the others possible

The year begins with big ideas and lofty goals. Then without notice hours turn to days, days to weeks, and weeks to months until suddenly we are back where we started- at January 1st again- with not much accomplished. Life seems so temporal- because it is.

So what can we do about the fact that life passes us by and we only seem to spin our wheels? The answer, though it doesn’t seem intuitive, is to slow down.

Unplug. Read. Reflect. Pray. Prioritize.